Some writing non-tips and the novelists’ legacy Once again, the best writing tip is… ‘follow no tips’! When I was a young and enthusiastic girl in high school, all of my teachers suggested that, in order to write the perfect essay, I had to follow a scheme. The scheme was a cascade of points, that should guide […]


October 2, 2023

Going With the Flow: You Aren’t Writing a Business Plan

What if Artificial Intelligence becomes more empathetic than humans? I know what you are thinking: “Wow! Another boring article about A.I. Let me skip to the next one” But credit me just a few moments, as I am neither a geek nor a nerd, and I am going to write more about psychology, than technology. […]


September 12, 2023

Chatting with AI: An Alarmingly Natural Conversation

The importance of burning ships Everyone on Medium and other platforms keeps on telling that you should never give up your job for a side-hustle. At least, you shouldn’t do it, until your side-hustle pays off. Despite it’s certainly a wise suggestion, I did it: I quit my job. And I do not even have […]


February 8, 2022

Who’s Nausicaa?

How following tips might be a débacle Do you want a tip for extra visibility? Don’t follow any tips. Here is my story: as many, if not all, writers on Medium I tried to get many views and hunt the unicorn of “finding organic followers”. It’s not only a matter of feeling like a popular […]


January 11, 2022

I Wrote an Article Which Had Almost Zero Views. Dear New Writers, Don’t Do the Same.