In a time when we’re trying to get closer to nature and its cycles, it would be interesting to look at how we name months and where these names come from. And maybe, we might Explore personal growth through nature’s lens. Discover how aligning life with seasons enhances our journey, one month at a time

Art & Culture

November 16, 2023

Rediscover Your Roots: How the History of Months Reveals Our Bond with Nature

Artists and artisans are both going towards During my last trip to Vancouver, I had the chance to visit an Art Gallery. I love to admire the local art, everywhere I go, as I think it is one of the most incisive ways to have an immediate look at locals’ background and vision. Art masterpieces, […]

Art & Culture

August 29, 2023

Artist and Artisan Have the Same Root: Do We All Have a Dormant DaVinci Inside?