Artists and artisans are both going towards During my last trip to Vancouver, I had the chance to visit an Art Gallery. I love to admire the local art, everywhere I go, as I think it is one of the most incisive ways to have an immediate look at locals’ background and vision. Art masterpieces, […]

Art & Culture

August 29, 2023

Artist and Artisan Have the Same Root: Do We All Have a Dormant DaVinci Inside?

The great achievement of the Rising Sun I planned my travel to Japan in 2011, but then the nuclear reactor in Fukushima exploded. Despite Japanese authorities being certainly reassuring, I preferred to change my holidays’ destination. In 2016 we could finally make our dream of visiting Japan come true. My husband and I have a […]


February 22, 2022

Japan: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

I WENT TO THE CAPITAL, AND I FOUND A SAMURAI Last Summer, I had the chance to spend some days in Rome. Being Italian, it shouldn’t sound so original, but I live in Milan, and I had a few occasions to visit Rome in my life. The first impression was: how the (beep) it’s huge! […]


February 18, 2022

Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day. Neither Your Skills

Are we allowed to use the environment to show our power? Some years ago I had the chance to visit Hong Kong. I went there for business twice in my life: once in 2006 and then again in 2009. I never went there again, after those trips, and honestly, I cannot say I miss it. […]


February 15, 2022

Hong Kong and the big wastefulness

What do you expect from Scotland? Maybe you may think it is a rainy and cold place, with castles ruins, and legendary characters popping up in the moorland. Nothing might be further from reality. In Scotland, we had one rainy afternoon in a whole week. Besides, the Scots are nice, humorous and very modern people, […]


February 11, 2022

From the Logbook: a Travel to Scotland

As a non-native speaker, I am experiencing a curious feeling Some days ago I recorded a voice message to a friend of mine. As I am Italian and my friend is English and he doesn’t speak my language, I sent it in English. I am not sure if it is common, but I always listen […]


September 24, 2021

Are We Changing Our Tone, If We Write In English?