Some writing non-tips and the novelists’ legacy Once again, the best writing tip is… ‘follow no tips’! When I was a young and enthusiastic girl in high school, all of my teachers suggested that, in order to write the perfect essay, I had to follow a scheme. The scheme was a cascade of points, that should guide […]


October 2, 2023

Going With the Flow: You Aren’t Writing a Business Plan

How we choose what to read and why? Summer in Italy is not a season. It is a lifestyle. At the top of the season, in August (isn’t it curious it is the name of a Roman Emperor?) every kind of activity closes for, at least, two weeks. More commonly, almost every worker, who is […]


September 6, 2023

A Controversial Book Makes Us Reflect on Our Reading Choices

I WENT TO THE CAPITAL, AND I FOUND A SAMURAI Last Summer, I had the chance to spend some days in Rome. Being Italian, it shouldn’t sound so original, but I live in Milan, and I had a few occasions to visit Rome in my life. The first impression was: how the (beep) it’s huge! […]


February 18, 2022

Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day. Neither Your Skills

The importance of burning ships Everyone on Medium and other platforms keeps on telling that you should never give up your job for a side-hustle. At least, you shouldn’t do it, until your side-hustle pays off. Despite it’s certainly a wise suggestion, I did it: I quit my job. And I do not even have […]


February 8, 2022

Who’s Nausicaa?

Spoiler: it has to do with a sense of power I read “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod around one month ago, and as everyone who read it, I was challenged to apply the routine for one month. For those who haven’t (yet) read it, I sum up the content in a broad outline. Hal […]


August 22, 2021

What I Learned in 30 Days of Miracle Morning