The great achievement of the Rising Sun I planned my travel to Japan in 2011, but then the nuclear reactor in Fukushima exploded. Despite Japanese authorities being certainly reassuring, I preferred to change my holidays’ destination. In 2016 we could finally make our dream of visiting Japan come true. My husband and I have a […]


February 22, 2022

Japan: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

I WENT TO THE CAPITAL, AND I FOUND A SAMURAI Last Summer, I had the chance to spend some days in Rome. Being Italian, it shouldn’t sound so original, but I live in Milan, and I had a few occasions to visit Rome in my life. The first impression was: how the (beep) it’s huge! […]


February 18, 2022

Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day. Neither Your Skills

Are we allowed to use the environment to show our power? Some years ago I had the chance to visit Hong Kong. I went there for business twice in my life: once in 2006 and then again in 2009. I never went there again, after those trips, and honestly, I cannot say I miss it. […]


February 15, 2022

Hong Kong and the big wastefulness

What do you expect from Scotland? Maybe you may think it is a rainy and cold place, with castles ruins, and legendary characters popping up in the moorland. Nothing might be further from reality. In Scotland, we had one rainy afternoon in a whole week. Besides, the Scots are nice, humorous and very modern people, […]


February 11, 2022

From the Logbook: a Travel to Scotland

The importance of burning ships Everyone on Medium and other platforms keeps on telling that you should never give up your job for a side-hustle. At least, you shouldn’t do it, until your side-hustle pays off. Despite it’s certainly a wise suggestion, I did it: I quit my job. And I do not even have […]


February 8, 2022

Who’s Nausicaa?

How following tips might be a débacle Do you want a tip for extra visibility? Don’t follow any tips. Here is my story: as many, if not all, writers on Medium I tried to get many views and hunt the unicorn of “finding organic followers”. It’s not only a matter of feeling like a popular […]


January 11, 2022

I Wrote an Article Which Had Almost Zero Views. Dear New Writers, Don’t Do the Same.

How adapting to the new rules will save our peace of mind, and even our own life. Even if I were arriving from Mars, I think I would know what our lovely planet has gone through in the past two years. My Country has been particularly hard hitten by the pandemic, and we paid a […]


January 2, 2022

Resilience Is What We Need in The Next Year. Again.

World Kindness Day made me think about the origin of kindness On November the 13th it was International Kindness Day. Every day we have something to celebrate, or think of, and even a topic for our posts. I find some of these International Days are a bit funny; for example, the UN calendar shows a […]


November 1, 2021

Do Kind People Belong to a Special Ancestry?

Learning from someone does not mean to look like them On October the 27th it will be “national mentor day” in the US. This date made me think about all the mentors I met in my life: some of them just dropped in as school teachers, someone else was chosen as a business mentor. About […]


October 23, 2021

Do You Want to Look Like Your Mentor?

Feeling home is not always related to a place A couple of days ago, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp have been down for some hours, and in real-time Twitter was full of memes about the social networks’ blackout. One of my favorites was showing the icons of Instagram and Whatsapp, with the sentence “I should be […]


October 7, 2021

What Can We Learn from Nostalgia?